Ledgard Pruning Systems

Ledgard Pruning Systems commenced operations in early 1990 when its founder (McLaren Vale based) Trevor Ledgard went to market to offer a mechanical pruning system developed specifically for the Australian vineyard market. Trevor combined his engineering background with his successful grape growing experience to make a machine from scratch, his focus was to build the best mechanical pruning machine in the market despite the risk that a high cost might be seen as a barrier.

After more than 20 years of successful growth Trevor sold the business to John Harnett in 2012. John also grew up on a successful high quality vineyard in McLaren Vale and spent the first 30 years of his working life working in the Heavy Equipment sector. His background in service, sales and finally business management has brought a new focus and drive to the company and now seeks to grow into new sectors of the market. John has concentrated his focus on building Ledgard Equipment with 4 key Values

  1. The best possible quality in the market providing long life and minimal downtime
  2. Support the Australian economy by providing in every case possible local product and labour
  3. Continuously develop and improve all product lines by talking to customers and identifying new systems
  4. Build products that are robust and designed to be reconditioned so that long life and low running costs are possible.

Buy only one system for all your winter pruning and summer trimming.

We specialise in custom-building equipment to suit the individual grower's needs. Dual use, double-acting, extra heavy-duty cutter bars:

  • Easily cut very thick and dense canes
  • Have one-piece blades with scalloped teeth
  • Use double acting blades to give a very clean cut
  • Require minimum maintenance - grease and go
  • Are vibration free for smooth operation
  • Feature computer-aided design techniques ensure cutting-edge standards
  • No more compromises

Our cutter bar pruning system is designed for both winter pruning and summer trimming. It's the best dual system available.
There are only two choices: Buy the best or save on your initial outlay but put up with the downtime that follows when you push lightweight equipment too hard and then pay the extra for early repair or replacement costs.

The major points to consider when purchasing a pruning system:

  • Have the cutter bars been designed to cut thick dense canes?
  • Will they handle both winter pruning and summer trimming with equal ease?
  • Can the cutter bars be mounted to your specifications for your own special needs?
  • Is there a choice of lengths and pivots to suit your individual needs?

Ledgard delivers it all. The heavy-duty Ledgard Pruning system is made in a range of sizes from 0.8m to 2.4m with pivot types to suit all vineyard and orchard requirements.
And there are no limitations in mounting to the frames and tractors of your choice.

The Ledgard Standards

  • Best quality design and build minimal maintenance long life.
  • At the cutting edge internationally

We are now working in vineyards and orchards throughout Australia as well as in South Africa, USA and Brazil.