Heavy Duty Cutter Bar

The most versatile model in the range – This bar provides the most torque of all three models and the longest tooth with the widest spacing, meaning cuts of material up to 32mm are possible. This was the first bar designed and traditionally its focus is the heavy winter pre prune for the vineyard. Its versatile design means that it works equally well in light summer trimming applications. Key features of the Heavy Duty cutter bar.

  • Eccentric head is driven via enclosed sprocket and chain – sprocket size can be changed meaning both speed and torque can be varied to suit many applications.
  • Registered design double edged scalloped teeth provide the highest quality – minimising the chance of disease and maximising cutting performance.
  • High strength special steel used for the blades which are 9mm thick provide long life and can be resharpened a number of times before replacement is necessary.
  • This machine has been put in use in many orchard applications with great success

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