Light Duty Cutter Bar

The light duty bar has been developed to maximise cutting performance and minimise weight. The original intention of the bar was to be retro fitted to machines such as “barrel pruners” to assist in long cane clearing and better shaping of the canopy. Importantly the operating principal remains the same as the medium duty bar just in a smaller size so that strength and performance are maintained. It has also proven to be a very good performer in the Summer Trimming market. Key features of the Light Duty cutter bar.

  • Eccentric head is driven directly by the hydraulic motor making it very efficient and powerful. The head design is significantly different to the heavy duty bar allowing a reduction in weight
  • Registered design double edged scalloped teeth provide the highest quality – minimising the chance of disease and maximising cutting performance.
  • High strength special steel used for the blades which are 6mm thick provide long life and can be resharpened a number of times before replacement is necessary. Backing tube size is reduced to further help weight reduction.

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