Undervine Slasher

The Undervine Slasher was built specifically to fill that gap left between a standard tow behind slasher and the vineyard row. Traditionally this area was sprayed with herbicide but as new growing methods such as ​Biodynamics and Organic certification have emerged more growers are turning to the less invasive methods such as mowing.

The philosophy of the machine is simple, mounted to a tractor or slasher the Undervine Slasher will protrude into the row and cut that thin strip (up to 600mm) of untouched grass and weeds. When the machine strikes a post or vine the breakaway pivot will allow the machine to swing back out of the way then immediately return to the mowing area once the obstruction has moved past. Key features of the Undervine Slasher.

  • Easy to replace slasher blade, attached with 2 bolts.
  • Pivot system means that the slasher can work hard up against posts and tree trunks to maximise cutting.
  • Integrated tilt control means the machine can be pre-set to work on angles for greater efficiency
  • This machine has been put in use in many orchard applications with great success

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