First introduced to the Ledgard range in 2000 the Vineshaper was developed to fill a gap that no machine could match. Electric and air operated hand pruners are quick and productive but not able to handle the cuts of up to 100mm required when old vineyards are being cut back at the ground for regrafting or in recent years the cordons cut back to the truck where disease like Botryosphaeria and Eutypa (Dieback) are prevalent. Often a big issue in this application is the cordon wire ​that remains has grown into the cordon, making the use of chainsaws dangerous.

The Vineshaper is designed to handle wood up to 100mm thick and will easily cope with cordon wire grown into the wood. The machine is driven from standard tractor hydraulics and comes with a carry frame and all wiring and hydraulic hose to suit a standard tractor hydraulic set up.

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