Portfolio Category: Cutters

Light Duty Cutter Bar

The light duty bar has been developed to maximise cutting performance and minimise weight. The original intention of the bar was to be retro fitted to machines such as “barrel pruners” to assist in long cane clearing and better shaping of the canopy. Importantly the operating principal remains the same as the medium duty bar…
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Medium Duty Cutter Bar

Developed to provide as many of the features and performance of the Heavy Duty bar but at a lower cost and with less weight. This model has proven to be a very good performer in both Winter Pre Prune and Summer Trimming applications. It is still able to offer up to 30mm of cut. Key…
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Heavy Duty Cutter Bar

The most versatile model in the range – This bar provides the most torque of all three models and the longest tooth with the widest spacing, meaning cuts of material up to 32mm are possible. This was the first bar designed and traditionally its focus is the heavy winter pre prune for the vineyard. Its…
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