Farm & Vineyard Equipment

Ledgard Pruning Systems brings a range of Cutter bar, Farm & Vineyard equipment.

Our cutter bars are divided into 3 categories each category has been designed to focus on a particular market. All cutter bars in each section are unique in the marketplace because of 3 main differentiators

  • Every cutter bar is “double acting”, meaning both blades are driven by the hydraulic motor so they deliver the most force through the material
  • Every cutter bar uses the unique tooth design, which holds material in the bar so the cleanest cut can be made. This “Trademark” tooth design is milled in our facility
  • All cutter bar teeth are made from special grade steel, which is harder than mild steel yet maintains a spring quality to resist breakage.
  • Heavy Duty Cutter Bar

    Heavy Duty Cutter Bar

    The most versatile model in the range – This bar provides the most torque of all three models and the…

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  • Medium Duty Cutter Bar

    Medium Duty Cutter Bar

    Developed to provide as many of the features and performance of the Heavy Duty bar but at a lower cost…

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  • Light Duty Cutter Bar

    Light Duty Cutter Bar

    The light duty bar has been developed to maximise cutting performance and minimise weight. The original intention of the bar…

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  • Cane Sweeper

    Cane Sweeper

    The cane sweeper has been designed to assist in the management of both vineyards and ​orchards, and it is a…

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  • Vineshaper


    First introduced to the Ledgard range in 2000 the Vineshaper was developed to fill a gap that no machine could…

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  • Undervine Slasher

    Undervine Slasher

    The Undervine Slasher was built specifically to fill that gap left between a standard tow behind slasher and the vineyard…

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  • Framework Fabrication

    Framework Fabrication

    With a complete workshop incorporating Mig Welders, Lathe, Paint shop and CNC Milling machine the majority of our customers purchasing…

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  • Orchard Market

    Orchard Market

    Having focussed on the vineyard market for more that 20 years Ledgard Pruning Systems are now working in almost every…

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  • Coregas


    Coregas is the largest Australian owned Industrial, Medical and specialty gas company and has a wealth of experience and knowledge…

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  • Leda Ag & Nairn

    Leda Ag & Nairn

    Leda custom farm equipment was established in Mildura in 2000. Leda make a broad range of farm equipment in the…

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