Why You Should Choose Ledgard Pruning Systems

At Ledgard Pruning Systems our machinery is designed for vine pruning in vineyards Australia wide and overseas. Operating since 1990 and with more than 20 years of successful growth, we are reputable and trusted in the agricultural industry.

Quality Products

Our quality vineyard equipment for sale in Australia includes a broad range of machinery. We supply vineyard mowers, cutter bars, farm equipment, vineyard pruning equipment and more.

Our cutter bars are double acting so that both blades are driven by the hydraulic motor of the machinery. This enables them to deliver maximum force when cutting. The unique tooth design provides a clean cutting mechanism. Our quality cutter bars are made from special grade steel and are highly resistant to breakage.

Ledgard are specialists in parts supply for leading mechanical grape harvesters. We continually research and improve our machinery to provide cutting-edge products that have low running costs.

Our machinery is specialised for vineyards and is widely used in quality McLaren Vale, Australia wide, and in South Africa, USA and Brazil.

The Ledgardcutter bar vine pruning system is designed for use all year round. We manufacture a full range of sizes from 0.8 metres to 2.4 metres. Our vineyard mowers and vineyard equipment for sale in Australia are designed to suit all your vineyard and orchard needs.

Our vine pruning systems are versatile and are easily mounted to the frames and tractors of your choice, making them versatile pieces of machinery for any farm or vineyard.

We Support the Australian Economy

We proudly use local labour and products wherever possible at Ledgard Pruning Systems.

Friendly and Professional Staff

With a background in heavy machinery and vineyards John Hartnett has owned the business since 2012. John and the Ledgard team are experts in their field and our friendly and professional advice on farm and vineyard equipment is second to none.

The long lifespan of our products means fewer repair and replacement costs. It also means less downtime for your business. We have arguably the vest vineyard equipment for sale in Australia. For further information on Ledgar Pruning Systems’ quality products contact us.

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