Why You Should Invest in Farm and Vineyard Equipment

Quality farm and vineyard pruning equipment will save you time, ensure that your grapes and crops yield the best results possible, and save you money long term. Investing in your business in the way of farm and vineyard equipment will see you reap the benefits of quality products, time, efficiency and financial reward.

Financial Benefits

Equipment costs for farms and vineyard operators can be a major aspect of the business budget,along with electricity and water charges. Buying quality farm equipment, vineyard mowers and vine pruning machinery means that it will last you for a long time. In terms of saving time, and therefore money, you will very soon see a positive return on your investment in farm and vineyard equipment.

As a business, you can claim on tax depreciation for your machinery in Australia. Buying rather than leasing saves you money over the long term. You can also resell your machinery in the future if you wish.

You have paid a considerable sum for your land …. you really need to invest in quality equipment to look after that land and tend your crops efficiently.

Farm and Vineyard Equipment is Time Saving

Having high tech equipment will enable you to work more effectively and efficiently. Our quality machinery allows you to maintain vineyards and farm crops in a fraction of the time. During busy harvest periods, this equipment pays for itself many times over. When you have quality farm equipment sales can increase dramatically

Service and Expert Advice

At Ledgard Pruning systems our vineyard mowers, and other vineyard and farm pruning systems will fit to your existing tractor and machinery. We can service and repair your machinery on site at our McLaren Vale workshop and fabrication facility. We work with other local business to bring a broader range of services to our customers. We are available for extended hours, particularly in busy times such as harvest.

For superior vineyards and farm pruning systems, contact us online or on (+61) (08) 8323 9001. Our farm equipment sales team at Ledger Pruning Systems are highly experienced and knowledgeable, and have a wealth of experience in vineyard and farming machinery.

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